Photography: John Bartelstone

BOSTUDIO ARCHITECTURE is a woman owned architecture studio specializing in median to high-end commercial and residential work. Our primary focus areas are office space design, restaurant design, adaptations of existing buildings, apartment renovations and additions as well as ground-up new construction.

We believe that architecture at its strongest must not ever upstage human activity, but rather facilitate it.  We approach design with an understanding that the design and construction process is the first phase in the overall lifespan of a space.  A space has to last for years, if not generations, and to that end our designs realize durability, universality, and adaptability.  We strive for design excellence through an original approach to each design wherein the architect is both the guide and the executor of the client's needs.  We lead the client as smoothly as possible through the complex and often involved construction phase.  Our commitment to quality and precision does not preclude the achievement of the client’s scheduling and budgetary goals; in fact both must be accomplished.  The ultimate goal is client satisfaction.